Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring News

I'm afraid life as gotten ahead of me, and I've had no chance to post. I probably will have a little bit more time after next week. But here is an update on what is going on around here.  First off the two young bantam cochins (the Mottled and the white) started laying. Right after they started laying the buff cochin went broody and then the little white one started a week or so after her. Unfortunately I can't allow them to hatch anything because my mom doesn't want me adding to the flock.

The big flock is doing well and seems to like having only one rooster since the BR/EE roosters went to a new home.

As for the garden I got new fencing up around it (I had stolen some for the cochin's run) and my peas are planted and coming up. Haven't gotten it dug up yet for this year and I've done some moving around so the compost  bins (old sand box and one I'm trying to build) and the tires I've grown potatoes in in the past are inside the fence. This year I plan to try growing carrots in the tires due to our soil being so rocky and filled with clay and because I haven't had huge luck growing potatoes in them.
Also the apple trees which are all over the place are blooming (out of the ones I can see from the yard only one isn't and it's old and barely produces). Unfortunately we are to get snow some time this weekend which will kill them and leave them with little to no fruit this year.

And then we have this tree, I have no idea what it is and it has never had fruit but it is also blooming.