Tuesday, May 10, 2016

College, Ducks, and Rats

So this past Saturday I graduated from college with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary biology. Which is cool, now to find a full time job to help pay for everything. So if you know any jobs working with animals or in the biology field in Western part of PA let me now.

Well in other news there is now 6 ducks running around. They belong to a friend of mine who should be moving in soon. They kind of scare the chickens, but the ducks are starting to bond to the flock and follow them around. But they love the stream behind the house, they are still getting conformable getting down there without guidance. They are also a little young still (bought as chicks in February I believe) so we don't know sexes yet, but hopefully mostly girls. They are suppose to be Khaki Campbells.

And Luke is home from college and is settling in well. He is in an old hamster tank at the moment but should be upgrading to a bigger tank soon.