Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Don't know of any other way to say it...

Since Tuesday night I've been trying to figure out a good way of saying this but there isn't one, so here it goes: Kernel my blind rooster was killed by a raccoon Tuesday night and Monday night the clean faced White leghorn/easter egger cross was killed. I'm trying to repair my havaheart trap (which some of you may remember was damaged the last time I used it by a raccoon who escaped) so I can take out the culprit.
The WL/EE hen that was killed
Kernel had made it about a year since the raccoon attack that took his vision and had resonantly had a major improvement in  his vision and was having a lot of fun going in and out of the coop and eating grass. He was a sweetheart who new if I started calling that there was treats that he should call to the cochin hens to come get, even if he couldn't find it him self.

Kernel with the cochins
 Here is a video I took of him earlier this month, enjoying the great outdoors: