Friday, September 20, 2013

The flock and Babies

Finally got some new photos of the flock and pictures of the babies. First off mom (BA/Easter Egger) and babies (5 3/4 Easter Eggers/BA and 1 Cuckoo Marans/Easter Egger):

This rest of the flock has started hanging out together with Red only sometimes scaring off the little ones, but when they divide the big bantam hen tends to join with Red and the CM hen instead of the bantams:
 An idea of the size difference between a standard rooster and a bantam hen:

The bantam group when they go off on their own, unlike the standards they aren't friendly and tend to avoid me:
A nice shot of one of the little Roosters:

More of mom and babies:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Magera passed away shortly after my last post, him and the chick are buried together just down from his mother.


The chick with the deformed foot died today and Magera, the oldest of our cats, is dieing. He went missing Friday and returned Sunday crying and a bit of a mess, our guess is that he was hit by a car. He has slowly been going down hill and I don't think he will make it through the night. Honestly my life has been going badly and I just want to cry and cry.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Sorry I haven't updated, in total 9 chicks hatched but two died within a day of hatching. The one had had trouble hatching, it had got shoved out from under mom and had broken all the shell off but was still trapped in the membrane. I helped it out, but it died that night. It was a little black chick, the other chick was a light chipmunk chick who was dead under mom when I found it. As to the rest of the hatch 3 are black (one is the Cuckoo Maran/Easter Egger), 1 pale chipmunk, and 3 regular chipmunk. The one regular chipmunk has a deformed foot, the toes wouldn't uncurl and it was having trouble walking so it now has a boot made out of cardboard and tape to help the toes, hopefully, flatten out. But it is already walking better with the boot. I'll try to get picks over the next couple days.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 Hatched, 3 Pipped

So far 1 3/4 EE/ 1/4 BA hatched and the CM/EE have hatched. The CM/EE appears to be a girl (her breeding makes her a sex-link)! 3 of the other green eggs have pipped and are doing well so far. I'll try to give an update tomorrow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 19 or Almost There!

Today is day 19 of the hatch, mom is doing well but I've stopped removing her off the nest every day because of how touchy the last few days of hatching are. But here is what the eggs have been up to:

Days 13-17 (Candle on Day 15)-
                  -Scales, claws, and feathers complete
                  -Small intestines taken into the body
                  -Albumen (white) nearly gone
                  - Turns to blunt end of the egg
Days 18-19 (Candle on day 19 or 20)-
                  -Growth is complete and preparing to hatch
                  - Shell is full except air cell
                  - Stop turning the eggs after 18 days (with the broody I don't have to worry about this)

and here is what they will be up to the next 2 days:

Day 20-
               -Embryo breaks into the air cell, takes first breath, and becomes a chick
               -Yolk sac completely drawn into body cavity (aka why you don't mess with a chick well hatching)
Day 21-
              -Chick hatches
              -Egg tooth visible after hatch
                    -Look at egg tooth at the tip of the beak now because it will fall off within 2 days of hatch