Monday, September 9, 2013


Sorry I haven't updated, in total 9 chicks hatched but two died within a day of hatching. The one had had trouble hatching, it had got shoved out from under mom and had broken all the shell off but was still trapped in the membrane. I helped it out, but it died that night. It was a little black chick, the other chick was a light chipmunk chick who was dead under mom when I found it. As to the rest of the hatch 3 are black (one is the Cuckoo Maran/Easter Egger), 1 pale chipmunk, and 3 regular chipmunk. The one regular chipmunk has a deformed foot, the toes wouldn't uncurl and it was having trouble walking so it now has a boot made out of cardboard and tape to help the toes, hopefully, flatten out. But it is already walking better with the boot. I'll try to get picks over the next couple days.

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