Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 19 or Almost There!

Today is day 19 of the hatch, mom is doing well but I've stopped removing her off the nest every day because of how touchy the last few days of hatching are. But here is what the eggs have been up to:

Days 13-17 (Candle on Day 15)-
                  -Scales, claws, and feathers complete
                  -Small intestines taken into the body
                  -Albumen (white) nearly gone
                  - Turns to blunt end of the egg
Days 18-19 (Candle on day 19 or 20)-
                  -Growth is complete and preparing to hatch
                  - Shell is full except air cell
                  - Stop turning the eggs after 18 days (with the broody I don't have to worry about this)

and here is what they will be up to the next 2 days:

Day 20-
               -Embryo breaks into the air cell, takes first breath, and becomes a chick
               -Yolk sac completely drawn into body cavity (aka why you don't mess with a chick well hatching)
Day 21-
              -Chick hatches
              -Egg tooth visible after hatch
                    -Look at egg tooth at the tip of the beak now because it will fall off within 2 days of hatch

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