Thursday, July 11, 2013

Enjoying the grass

The little guys now have access to the run and are loving it. The first day (they've had access for about 3 days) they spent 15-20 min. stuffing their faces before they realized it wasn't going to be taken away from them. Now they are calm and enjoying the sun and the grass and I snapped a few pictures today:

And the Red decided to come and watch what I was doing while the big girl layed in shade:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Chickens

So we picked up the new chickens and the guinea pig. The guinea pig is a girl and her name was Savannah but I think that is going to change. As for the chickens  it turns out 4 our roosters. The owner had no idea about basicly any thing about them and they had been her daughters until she lost interest. Their run had been worn down to mud and the coop was a mess and the appear to have been pecking at each other. Also from what I saw they had been feed strait scratch which is basically candy for birds.  I think the 6 younger birds are bantam brown leghorns but I need to do some checking on the breed and they got them from TSC in February. The older hen was hatched a year ago as part of a school hatch. She is also a bantam but I'm not positive what she is she has some feathers on her feet (not many but some might be gone from living in mud) and extra toes and she layed whitish/cream eggs for them. I think I've seen a picture of a hen that looks like her but I'm not sure where. I think she may have cochin in her but I'm not sure, so I'm going to have to do some research. But before everyone got in the nice clean coup the got the mud washed off their feet so their legs are much cleaner then in the original picture. So here are some pictures of the new birds:
This is the older hen.

Her Feet

Her again

3 of the 4 boys

The two little girls

The two little girls and one of the roosters

Two roosters with someone in between


The older hen again

Monday, July 1, 2013

My computer is working again!

I've finally got a working computer! My last post was written on a kindle fire, which is part of the reason it was so short. I'm still not sure what my little cochin died of but I found a few pieces of half digested looking food by where I found her. So I'm not sure if she chocked or if her crop was impacted (meaning it wasn't letting food through) and some managed to come back up.

But on happier news from a friend of a friend tomorrow I'm getting 7 hens/pullets! One was hatched last year by a class and the rest where hatched in February (I think I have that right) and she thinks everyone is girls but she doesn't know what breeds they are. Also from the same person we are getting a guinea pig which is going to be my sister's but she has a bad history with pets (they all seem to die in weird ways) so we will see.

So tomorrow my sister is going to rearrange her room for the guinea pigs cage and I'm going to clean out and scrub down the coop for the new arrivals that we are picking up tomorrow night. So hopefully I'll have an update and pictures the day after tomorrow.

Also we took in the stray cat his (yep he is a boy) name is now Rudolph and he is growing his fur back from where the mats where that I ended up spending several hours working out and he is gaining weight. He loves the dog and isn't a fan of the other cats but is doing okay with them. He spent the day running laps in the up stairs hallway and just being a silly kitten so all is well with him.