Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicken Story- Broody Hens

So a couple weeks after the chicks where hatched one the CM hens went broody. Then several others went broody and then a BA. So it was the summer of the broodies,  a couple of CMs gave up during around this time. So I decided to let them hatch some eggs 4 white and 8 green, I gave them to one of the CMs.

But then we went on vacation leaving them under the care of a neighbor. I came back to extra eggs under her and all the pencil marks rubbed off the eggs, so I had no idea which was which on green and white eggs. But I removed all the brown and put them in the fridge thinking they had been under her only a day or two. The next day I went to cook them up for the cats (which is what I do if I think eggs are left out to long) and cracked one open to find a chick at about day 9 in development. So I threw the rest into the woods.

But then 10 of the eggs hatched on 7/29/09:

Then a day or so later #11 (I was labeling by hatch number) and I helped it to soon. And it had not helped absorbed the yoke completely and passed away. On about 8/8/09 numbers 12 and 13 hatched and went out with a the broody BA and the two hens (a CM and a BA) were raising the 12 chicks together. Then one of the eggs (a green one) exploded. Then number 14 hatched:
But #14 and the last egg where with a hen I call B#tch, she is a mean hen. So I took B and #14 outside to get a drink and when ever #14 went more then an inch away from B she grabbed her and dragged her back by her wing, leg, basically anything she could grab and was hurting her. So I grabbed her and the last egg and they moved inside with me.
#14 and the last egg
Helping me type

The egg ended up being a dud, but #14 loved me and would call out to get me to hold and pet her. At one point I tried to move her out with the broody hens and it failed. An she moved from the 10 gallon tank to a bird cage I have. 
At about 4wks
But it moved outside with the others, but never really fit in. She would hid from the others and then come running out to me and jump up to he held. But at 11-12wks she disappeared never to be seen again.

I'll continue the chickens story soon......

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