Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Updates

My last of Glad is in bloom, they rest have already died off:
My Scarlet Runner Beans are also in bloom:
There is at least two egg gourds so far:
Some of the tomatoes are ripening and my volunteers are almost ready to harvest:   

One of several Bottle Gourds:
 One of the other gourds:
My volunteer sunflower:
My Crimson Sweet watermelons:

Now I need to tell you that a chicken broke in while I was away camping and ate off of a few things includeing this pumpkin:

And here are some of the other pumpkins, which I'm pretty sure are all from the volunteers:
and this pretty is growing outside of the fence it the weeds, but we aren't telling the chickens that:
These sun flowers are multi-head and were given to me as seeds from an extremely kind BYC member, when I was losing all those birds this spring:

and these are two bottle gourds that where growing outside of the fence where the chickens can easily reach them (and yes they pictures need turned, I forgot...):

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