Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I think Otter is gone....

Most of the cats are on the deck at least once a day or at least every other day. But a few days ago Otter (grey stripe in the above picture) stop showing up He had been having trouble and loosing weight, and we where getting worried about him. But I'm starting to think he has passed, many cats go off on their own to die.

We have no idea on his age, due to his history. He was dumped out in the country by someone who no longer wanted him. We belive that he was no longer wanted because A: He talked, loudly, when he wanted attention and B: He was never taught manners, as in he had no idea counters where off limits.   But he was very loving, even if he was a little annoying and he got along with all 6 of the other cats. We will miss you Otter.

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