Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby and sad news

First off a happy healthy (hopefully female) baby, who is showing her 3/4 EE and so far none of her BA. Now the bad news, when I went out to check for babies I found two egg shells, one egg (still not pipped), and one chick. Now to those of you how did the math you realize the problem 2 egg shells doesn't equal  only one chick, so I freak out and start looking around and found behind the garbage can where I store feed another little chipmunk chick dead. I think it fell out of the nest and then was scared by the other two cochin hens or it just felt more secure back there and then got too cold and died. It's body showed no signs of injury and from what I could tell it's neck wasn't broken in the fall. So now he or she is buried behind Blue Eyes's grave.

But the other chick is healthy and happy and hopefully the other egg will hatch so it has company. But to prevent this from happening again they have been transferred to a nest, in a cage, on the floor.

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