Saturday, October 24, 2015

So did you miss me?

Sorry I haven't written in so long my life has been a mess. But brief catch up I was down to Red my rooster, 2 3/4EE/1/4EE hens, and my brown leghorn hen this summer. When I for some stupid reason agreed to let my brother watch them and the 13 eggs the black 3/4EE/1/4EE hen was sitting on. And he lets something eat the brown leghorn hen, the black 3/4EE/1/4EE hen, and all 13 eggs she was sitting on while I was working fairs. And then didn't tell me about it until I came home and discovered it.

So that sucks. My grandmother because she is an awesome person gave me 2 of her hens a buff orpington and a hen who is at least part Rhode Island Red (might just be crappy hatchery quality, might be a mix I really don't know). Who are both doing fine.

But my flock may be growing again soon, my Ornithology class in college was hatching chicks to train, which failed with only one chick hatching who has ended up being raised by the student aid in the class. But the teacher ordered more and my little chick is doing well in training and I may be allowed to take it and possible some other chicks home at the end of the semester. But we will see and we will see if I'm back in my actual home soon or not. I'll try to stop by more often.

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