Saturday, October 2, 2010

ALF Craft Day

ALF (Autumn Leaf Festival) is a big deal here in Clarion County, It celebrates fall as you might guess and along with several ofter events it has a craft fair (Friday) ,which all the schools have as a day off. And Saturday (today) was the AL Parade. These guys are chickens made out of gourds, didn't end up buying one but I thought they where very cute (the largest was $25).

 Some Candy Apples, my little sister got one and said they weren't that good.

 Just a really cute flag:

 These where really cool by moving that handle you can make it go flat or into a basket:

 These booth had all sorts of goodies including a use for zucchini I had never heard of before, zucchini butter: 
 Both the following pictures are from the same booth and I loved looking at them:
  The crowd and you can also see the top of the court house:
And trying to leave:
 I'll post some pictures of what we bought and the parade later.

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