Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain, Rain go away come again another day!

Rain, rain go away was always a song me and my sister sang ( and still do) when it rains and we didn't want it to, which was most of the time as little kids. But now as a gardener I have learned to love, while maybe not love but at least appreciate rain. But no today I need to get things done outside, like patch up the chicken, clean the chicken coop, finish fencing at least my small garden (I'm planning to add some new beds next year that need fenced, too), and start my final harvest for the year which includes carrots, bottle gourds, tomatoes, and sunflower heads. But you don't always get what you what, but for some reason the chickens seem to not care about rain they even seem to enjoy the rain (even if it is 50 degrees out there).

Chipumk, Red, a CM hen, and a WL/EE hen.

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