Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bad Dog!

I went to lock up chickens tonight, went outside was going to let the dog in but decided to leave him on his chain. Go out to the edge of my garden, and hear something go "Crack" I look up and point my flashlight towards the noise two deer are staring at me with another one slipping in to the woods. We three (2 deer and me) just stand there for a few minutes.

Then the third creeps back out of the woods and they all continue to watch me, decide I'm not interesting and start to graze me not 40 feet from them! Then I slowly creep closer about 25-30 feet from them stopping when they looked up. The one who ran in to the woods was at least last years fawn, the one how stared at me longest was a mom with her fawn from this year.

Then the mom just started starring at me again, then "Stomp", she came towards me one step at a time, each time with a stomp. Between stomps she stopped and looked at me and would tip her head side to side as if thinking "What is this creature?" Then at about 15-20 feet from me just after another "Stomp" Nick started barking. They all ran off in to the woods.

I turned to Nick and said "They weren't going to eat me!" Locked up the chickens, checked for eggs (their on strike) and came in and told my mom what happened. She told Nick good job! But that's her worrying about them charging me down and hurting me. (If she looked like she was going to harm me I would have scared her away). But I'm safe and sound, and there will be no reports on the news of "Girl attacked by Deer"

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