Sunday, December 12, 2010

Went Christmas shopping yesterday!

Busy, crazy, and I ended the day with my headache worse the usual but I got....

Mom- a photo album and a set of frames, she had been telling us to get things like a new skillet but me and my sister have both heard her say she ought to buy these things but never does...

Dad- I bought his this summer it is a T-shirt that says DADD- Dad's against daughters dating

Stepmom- me and my sister got her a $20 gift card for Jo-Anne fabrics, she does lots of crafts

Sister- a very nice Micky Mouse key chain(she collects Micky Mouse)

Nick(dog)- A stocking from walmart full of toys

Cats- some fancy canned cat food, I'd get them toys but Nick destroys them and they really don't use

Friends- Fancy candy bar, a hat, 2 packs of gum, and a fake wii remote candy thing

Also I bought my self a game and a copy of Hannibal Rising (new) for only $2.13 including tax! Also say some cool shops and items which I'll try to fight my phone for pictures of soon.

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