Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chicken's Story - Starting Fall 2009

I know the last post was quite sometime ago (Nov. 3 to be exact) but I'm starting up again.

So after Baby disappeared/died, I had a hard time going out and sitting out with the chickens, I missed having someone that would run up to me and try to jump into my arms. But I still loved them.

One of the EE chicks caught my eye because A) She was just Pretty, B) She was most likely KD's daughter and C) She layed blue eggs!

She was my first blue layer but I had a few more that ended up laying pale blue eggs and a few green and olive-green eggs
A day of laying
Are winter was a long and snowy one but it lead to some cute pictures.

I had a few pullets that disappeared but no idea what happened to them. But spring finally came along with warm weather, and we had strutting roosters!

  and a few weeks later more pictures:

But I had agreed to do an outreach and teach children about chickens, I took KD, Grey, George, and Betty so I had a hens that layed green, blue, brown, and white. I also made a few posters of hatching eggs with an incubator and with a broody hen and one of chicks growing up. I also brought all the eggs layed the day before (uncleaned) to show them the colors, I showed parts of the chicken, and let them pet a chicken , most of the time it was KD because she was calmest and seemed to enjoy it.

Even though we where there to teach the kids about chickens, the adults were fascinated by chickens! Several made the comment "I've never been this close to a chicken before!.......at least a live one." One woman was very excited when I let her hold KD and took several pictures with her.

While we telling them about egg color, hatching and just about anything about chickens, one of the the kids said "Egg!" we were showing them eggs at the time so we thought nothing of it. Until I glanced in George and Betty's cage and a brown egg was sitting on the floor! I went and grabbed it and started to show the kids that it was warm. Later in the day Grey started to fuss and try to get away, it took me a minute then it clicked! She wants some privacy to lay an egg! So I put a shoe box in and she jumped in and sat, and a few minutes later we had another egg (a blue one) to show the kids.   

 Summer came and so did the broodies, I had a couple CMs, a BA, and Baby Broody. Baby Broody got her name because she was a not yet a year old when she went broody and also one of either the WL/EEs or a EE as a chick I caught sitting on a fake egg. Also Grey had developed bumblefoot a staph infection in the foot.

So I'll stop here for today and try to continue soon!

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