Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium yesterday, Here are some pictures

One of the Zoo's male Tigers (they have several including cubs):
These two were in the Flamingo's pool, but the Flamingo's where gone for winter:
The lions, the male every so often from around the zoo you could hear him roar:
 Now my favorite part of the zoo the Elephants! At the actual zoo they have 3 adult Females Moja,Savannah, and Tasha and they have had 5 births a stillborn (male, Savannah's), then Victoria (female, Moja's), Calee (male, Savannah), then their two beautiful baby girls who turned two this summer Zuri (Moja's)and Angelina (Savannah's)

A random flower in the primate house:
Some of the Gorillas:
The zoo has free roaming peafowl this one joined us for lunch:
And some of the African Painted dogs:
and a bad picture of most/all of the pack through glass:
Some of the bears where out, I was watching the one black bear and said quietly "Please turn around, I want one good picture of you!" He turned around and appeared to look at me I got one good shot and he returned to what he was doing:
Flowers in the Aquarium area:
Some more Peafowl this time around the Aquarium:
The petting zoo goats playing king of the mountain:
and about 5 seconds later:
There was a few things I which I could have gotten pictures of (the sea lions) and video of the polar bears, one playing in the water and the other "dancing", he would walk up and rub his throat/head against the the glass and the would do a wiggling dance back. My battery was dieing so all didn't get much but I'll try to upload it tomorrow. 

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