Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silly Birds

Yesterday after I got home from helping my dad in his garage and my mom ran out to drop my sister off at a party. When she got back she walked in and said "Where do you want to eat, I don't fell like cooking." I thought about it for a minute and said "Lets go to Clarion, I don't fell like Joe's (local pizza/Italian place) or anywhere else local and we need chicken feed."

So we went in and ate at Applebees and then went to Walmart and then went to the mall. Let me explain the Clarion mall it lost almost all its stores in the past couple years like Borders, Hallmark, and Fashion Bug along with others and was left with JC Penny, the drivers center, Kmart, a hair salon, and the movie theater.  It added a few small, random stores over the past year, but resonantly it was announced that we are getting two new clothing stores and another unannounced one. But anyway we looked at what was playing and decided to come back and watch Red Riding Hood after we picked up chicken food.

Went to Tractor Supply and picked up the food, checked the chick bins (no chicks which was probably a good thing) and looked at random stuff. Then we headed back up too the mall and say Red Riding Hood, which was good and will be another post. But when we went home it was about 9 o'clock and fairly dark, not completely because as you probably know we had the brightest moon in something like 18 years. When we arrived home I headed down to the house to go in and wait for my mom to come with the keys to unlock the house. When I heard clucking, load clucking.

Getting a little bit worried I start trying to see anything out of the ordinary, when my mom says "Caitlin one of your chickens is up here." So I go out into the yard as mom says "There is two of them." And I spot who she is talking about, two of my Cuckoo Marans hens are out and about. The one comes running up to me and I automatically stoop down to pick her, even though none of my CMs like being held, but she let me pick her up and carry her. So I walk out to the coop spotting Red and one of the EE/BR roos and can't see or hear anything wrong at the coop. So I head back to the house still carrying the CM. By now my mom has unlocked the door and I grab a flashlight and head back out. I do a head count, including the roosters and one CM still outside, get 14 the correct number. Do a recount still the right number and everyone is fine. So I put the CM down on the roost and herd the others inside and lock-up.

So everyone is fine and there was no real signs of predators. So either they where messed up with the bright moon, a predator spooked them , or they where just being silly birds.

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