Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last night as I was laying on the couch rereading Brisingr, when suddenly we here a hen screaming. I jumped up knowing that my BA/EE hen had roosted in a tree (once again too high to knock out).When I got out there she was running to the house still screaming, I manged to grab her and carried her back to the coop. As I walked my headlight (so I have free hands) I saw eyes shine, about at the location of the havaheart trap. When I finally reached there, I saw who the eyes belonged to, a raccoon. So I looked the BA/EE in the coop and headed back to the house. Later when my mom was letting Nick out, another raccoon was stealing cat food so I'll have to set the trap again.

Today I took care of the raccoon, a female it turns out:

After I had deposed of the body, I saw a black short haired cat, my first thought was Blue Eyes. Until I saw it was too small and had the greenest eyes I have ever seen. I left it some food and hope to find out what happens to it. Here is the only semi descent picture I got of it and it doesn't show the eye color very well:
 ETA: Caramel is doing better, he is no longer limping, but it is still swollen and sore.

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