Monday, February 28, 2011

A Drill, Peanut Butter, and an Egg

The missing BA hen showed up safe and sound yesterday afternoon. When I went out last night to lock up, I took the drill (yes I finally found it) to temporarily fix the door and a paper plate with peanut butter to set my havaheart trap. Because of the chickens fear of the attack and it's association with the coop, everyone but Chipmunk, Kerenel, George, a WL/EE, and 2 CM were roosting in trees. So I got everyone shaken out, except the BA/EE because she has to high in the tree to shake out.

After all the fun getting them out of trees I collected eggs (3 of them) and made an attempt to fix the coop door and manged to break one of the eggs in the process. But I got it secured for the moment and set my havaheart trap using the peanut butter and the broken egg.

This morning when I finally went out this morning (I was home sick Friday and am again today), all the birds where fine. The trap had been sprung and the all the bait (including the paper plate the peanut butter was on) was gone, but nothing was in the trap. So we will try again tonight.

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