Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not my Morning

My mom woke me up this morning because the chickens where lose and seemed very upset. I get outside and Chipmunk is standing on the porch crowing (the first time I've heard him crow in weeks), but fine. Get out towards the coop all the roosters are accounted for and like Chipmunk agitated. Then I start counting hens, 2 CMs on the broken attempt at a chicken tractor and 2 CM, 2 WL/EE, and my BA/EE over by the old tractor tire. Meaning that Dolly (BR), a CM, my last BA, and George (RIR) are missing.

I start looking around checking for blood, feathers, prints, etc. I found some prints which I'll take pictures of when I buy batteries. I found some black feather in the one nesting box, which might be from my missing BA. After my first attempts at finding anything, George comes running down the hill at full speed. I checked her out and she is fine no injures just freaked out. I go to check out the field were she came out of and find a patch of CM feathers. Do a quick check on the rest of the field and down the road, and go back to the feather spot and glance a little to the right, there is another feather spot so I go to it and about a foot from there is a blood spot.

I didn't find anything else, but I presuming that I have lost my 1st CM and we will give it a couple days before we declare Dolly and the BA gone. Also it looks like Caramel has damaged his leg, he is limping and it's swollen in a spot, but doesn't have any breaks that I can feel.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble. :-(

  2. Thanks, unfortunately with animals this kind of stuff happens.