Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Can't Wait Until Spring....

First I'm sorry I haven't posted much things got busy. But I put in my major order of seeds to to the tune of $50. Then at Walmart yesterday I spent about $12 on some more seeds that I hadn't ordered online and 3 boxes of little seed start things (I post pictures later I can't describe them) with 36 in each box. But I still have to order seed potatoes.

George is still in my room but is doing well and is growing new feathers. But the coop isn't doing so well, because of the ice freezing under it and lifting it up, and me trying to pull it open farther then the few inches it was stuck at, it is broken. To make matters worse the drill was misplaced, so I haven't fixed it yet.

In other words I can't wait until spring and warm weather!

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