Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I hate snow...

Yesterday the plan was to take Carmel and Butterscotch to the vet to get rabies shots so they could get neutered, get my allergy shots, and then get me to play practice. While it didn't happen that way.

It started out fine Mom got home with two new cat carriers because we needed new ones. Pack up the cats and head out, end op forgetting my serum so I can't get my allergy shots. We get the cats to the vet sit in the waiting room watching the other animals, a big brown mutt, 2 what might have been bad quality retrievers one an adult the other a puppy, a black and white mutt, a couple orange cats, a few gray strip cats, what appeared to be Persian kittens, and a little black and white dog. Got the boys taken care of and scheduled for neutering the same day as Nick (Nick was in Friday for shots, and getting scheduled). And we headed out.

It had started to snow, but we weren't that worried, we are in Western PA snow happens. We went to Burger King (which has the most tasteless food, but some what fast) to eat, getting a little worried about how fast it was falling because we weren't to get a lot until night. But we head out in the hope of getting me to play practice. We start down the road and the hill that is one of the ways to get to town is blocked off by several vehicles, so we turn off and decide to go cross country.

We are going slowly because of the snow blowing so hard that we can barely see. We get to another steep hill and a Bug is skidding on it, they end up turning around a going back down and we mange to get back up. And start down the road, get to the next hill and 3 or 4 cars and trucks are backing down it. The little Bug is back and realizing it can't go up the hill, at least right now, it pulls into a church parking lot. We end up backing up and joining it while the others get off the hill.

We try at the hill once the other vehicles got off and failed. So we park again and wait in the hope a snow plow will come through. So we sit and wait, and talk and I read by the streetlights in the parking lot. Nothing comes, even after waiting an hour. So we try again, and then turn around and see if the original hill is cleared off. All the vehicles are gone and we just mange to climb the hill and stay on the road to get to town.

Having long ago given up on play practice, we head to the ambulance garage (my dads a paramedic so we have been there a lot)  to use the bathroom and to call our neighbor with his truck to come get us. But we got home safe and sound in the end.      

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