Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Land of Painted Caves

I got my copy of The Land of Painted Caves on Feb. 16 as part of the Goodreads giveaway program 
Here is my review as written on Goodreads:

I won this in a Goodreads give away. It just arrived Feb. 16, 2011 I need to finish rereading Shelters of Stone and then I'm starting!

Page 98- So far not much new info and lots of repeating, from the other books and from earlier in this book.

Page 342- I am honestly getting bored, too much repeating and the story isn't moving that much, the beginning is when Jonayla a baby then skips ahead 4 years at page 307.

Page 474- I'm still not seeing much of a point or good story, and I'm sick of hearing how wonderful Ayla is it's talked about almost every chapter.

Page 704- Part 2 ended up being just as bad as part one, but part 3 starting on page 511 is the series I fell in love with and it might save the book from getting 2 stars.

For the first two sections of the book I hated it,I wanted to burn it, through it at a wall, something to show my frustration and as far as I'm concerned they should have just deleted those parts. But the third as I said above is the series I feel in love with. It wrapped up the story and stuck true to the heart of the story. But Jean M. Auel you should have skipped the first to sections and just added a chapter or two to the third to sum them up.

I ended up giving it 3 stars because of the last section (and the fact Goodreads doesn't have half stars). I wouldn't buy this book, I would just get it from the library and that about sums up my feelings towards this book.

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