Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean out, Weed out

When I got home today my first thought is I should really get those snow peas planted, but I had no desire to really "work" in the garden today. So I changed from my sneakers to my rain/mess boots and went outside to at least enjoy the sunshine. I wondered around for a bit, said hi to the chickens and a few of the cats, but wondered back to my smallest garden bed. Along with being my smallest it is also my oldest the one that started it all, where I grew my first flowers and then my first vegetables and I'm planning to turn it into a flower garden.

I removed the really bad improvised fencing from around it and weed out all the grass and weeds that where trying to move into the bed and around the stones.Here is an after picture and the weird white thing is a pretty piece (well, pretty up close) piece of pottery I dug up a few years back:

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