Monday, April 18, 2011

Shrinking and Growing

 I finished fencing the flower bed/smallest bed last week (picture from today):

I started planning my garden Saturday and came to the conclusion that the space I have set up to plant is not enough for all the seeds I bought/ what I want to grow. So I went out and looked at my old big bed and the bed I was making.
Big bed last year
I came to conclude that they weren't going to work, I tried a couple of plans, combined both beds and added on to them. Then I fenced it, in doing so using up all my left over fence.
The metal sheets and outdoor rug (left top) are to help kill off the grass, after the grass is killed off I'll move them to cover up the rest of the grass and cover up the dead with chicken bedding.

It should be interesting to see how I do on weeding, I've never been good at keeping op on it. But the to-do list has shrunk and grown in one weekend.

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