Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Buff Cochin.... going to give me a heart attack! The other day I went out to feed the flock some over ripe bananas and discovered that the little buff cochin was out running around outside the cochins little fenced area. Luckily I only had to left the fence up and she ran back in with a little bit of herding. So I fixed the fence, which was a little too far off the ground. Then yesterday I had let all the birds out and started to head back to the house, when I heard a noise behind me. I spun around to see the buff cochin standing next to the pen, which she must have flown out of . I manged to grab her before she could get any where and put her back in.

The reason this worries me so much is A: the cochins aren't the smartest and I wouldn't trust them to run from a predator B: they could be harmed by the big hens who have no problem trying to scare them through the fence and C: the roosters, who could possibly harm them while trying to breed with them. So I'm going to have to work on their fencing, either by raising it (possibly tearing apart the run on the old coop) or put a top on the run or what ever else I can think of. 

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