Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eggs, tomatoes, and Graves

First the eggs I collect 9 from the flock and washed 5 dozen to sell tomorrow. While cleaning I found one of those eggs that makes me love having chickens:

But this morning after letting the chickens out (they free-range), I collected tomatoes. I only have cherry tomatoes this year so one harvest is tiny. Here is todays  harvest with one of the cookies my mom made yesterday:

But todays bad news is that one of our cats Dot has pasted away. We had thought we had lost him because we had not seen him in a couple days. But this afternoon my sister when walking around found his body and now he is buried on the same land as his ancestors. He was know as our dog ,Nick's baby because as a kitten he had tried to nurse form him and would rub up against him at any chance.

Good-bye Dot

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