Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet the Roosters

I have two main flock roosters Chipmunk and Red. Here are their stories.

This (above) is Chipmunk he is a Easter Egger rooster. He was ordered from ideal poultry as a girl, as it turned out he was miss sexed meaning I got my flock rooster. He is wary of me and gets the point as long as he behaves he gets to stay. Also he carries at least one blue egg gene.

This is Red, who is Chipmunk's son. The main reason he is sticking around is because he is pretty, afraid of threatening me, and because he possible carries the blue egg gene. He was only one of two Easter eggers to survive past 4 weeks old, and all because he broke his toe.
Red and 3 other Easter Egger chicks

I had moved all 20 chicks (hatched in my incubator) to a chicken tractor outside and on about the 3rd or 4th day out there he broke his toe so I brought him and a White Leghorn/Easter Egger cross inside.
Red when I was trying to fix his toe.

It turns out that was the night the raccoon chose to attack. I went from 20 chicks to 13 chicks in one night. All Easter Eggers in the tractor except a pure white one where killed. Everyone got moved to my main pen for safety that day. Oh and if your wondering no his toe did not heal properly, he would dunk his foot in water and remove the bandage. But he gets along fine with a broken toe.

So that is the story of my Roosters.   

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