Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Are a pain, I don't like (wild) mice, they ruin clothing and food and in general just make pests of them self's, but anyway to my story, I was hauling chicken feed to the coop last night, which awoke all the chickens how where sure that because they had, had no feed (but free-ranged) all day that they where dieing. I dumped the feed into the metal garbage, and went to dispense feed to the extra roosters and then I went back into the coop to feed the flock. I grabbed the feeder which the flock had flipped on to its side. When I pick up the feeder I always shake it out to knock out dust, but out dropped two little baby mice. Here is a picture off the internet (not mine) of a baby mouse who looks similar in color and age:

 about a second later one of my Black Australorp grabbed one and ran off with it (I'm pretty sure it got eaten) and the other one got stepped on and pecked by a couple of the hens. But not killed. The poor thing was crying and was in pain, I thought that a hen (or hens) was going to eat it but none did. I could not let it suffer so I killed the poor thing by crushing it with a brick. And before someone says that was cruel, let me say that I do feel bad about it, but I knew it was going to die and I refused to leave leave it to slowly die in pain.

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