Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm ready to scream!

As I've been telling you, recently I have lost 4 birds and have been crying on and off all week. But today I almost lost it, I didn't loss any more birds, but had other problems. My mom has been having a handyman come out and do some work in the house and today he was removing the remains of a chimney and my mom had left him a note (how they have been talking all week) saying to stack/leave them "by the little fence", which is my flower bed. Today I come home to the bricks stacked in my garden!!!!! On top of two gladiolus and one of my lavender plants! I dropped everything and started throwing them out of my garden  on to the ground next to it. The one gladiolus is just a little bent and the lavender has some crushed up leaves it looks like, but the other gladiolus is cut and scratched up along with being bent. I called my mom up because I am ticked, this is a fenced in flower bed with flowers (some even blooming!!) in it! And in the middle of explaining it I started bawling, this has been a very tiring week for me and this is not what I needed.

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