Thursday, May 26, 2011

It got worse....

Remember my crappy day yesterday? It got worse. My sister was in the kitchen and heard a weird noise, so she asked to barrow my cros, which she does all the time so I said yes. Less then a minute later all my mom and me heard was her screaming her lungs out. She says she doesn't even know she was screaming. But I ran to the kitchen and saw my cros weren't there, having forgot that my sister had taken them, and just ran out bare foot. It felt like I never touched the ground, I was running so fast.

When I reached the coop, where she had gone, she screamed something like "It's in the pen! It's in the pen with them!" It being a big, healthy raccoon who had one of my white birds pinned to the ground, not moving. I started yelling at it and opened the run in the hopes of getting some of the birds out of the way. Both Red and one of the WL/EE hens ran for it. I sent my sister for my 22 while I tried to get it out and the chickens safe. All of a sudden the raccoon climbed up the wall of the pen and squished threw a small crack between fencing and got away.

Then I saw movement the bird he pinned down started to move. It was Kernel my WL/EE rooster, his head covered in blood. I honestly don't remember if he came to me or I ducked into the run to grab him. The first thing I saw was his right eye was gone and the left was closed, swollen, and bloody with no way to tell if it was even there or what shape it was in. I sat there holding him hoping he was okay and watching for the coon.

When my sister came out I made her guard them and ran inside with Kernel, to find that as my sister had come out our dog had a seizure. Which caused him to fall down the steps from the deck on to rock. As I came back in mom was comforting him. But I ran Kernel to the bathroom to try washing him up and examine  him for anymore wounds.  In all his comb is cut up, a cut behind a his head, and his eyes. None of it was life threatening and he was to freaked out and wouldn't let me touch his head (who can blame him?). So I set him up in a cage in my room and hoped for the best.

This morning a little before 6 am, I woke up to the beautiful sound of crowing. While it would have been beautiful if I was already awake, but most severely wounded or sick roosters don't crow. So I got up and covered his cage with towels, not even thinking of his eyes. But he shut up. A little while later when I got up, I checkout the damaged eye and saw the most beautiful thing, a bright, healthy, orange eye. 

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