Friday, May 13, 2011

Not a fun night

 I wrote this yesterday, so all of this happened Wednesday night. I would have posted then but site wasn't working, but here it is:

Last night I went out to lock up the chickens and discovered Chipmunk standing at the bottom of the stairs and Kernel, Red, and one of the BR/EE along with several of the hens out in the yard, after dark. So I do a quick look over of them and started running to the coop. When I reached the small(er) apple tree, I saw something run out of the coop and into the woods. It was larger then a cat and dark colored, currently I'm betting another raccoon. But as I reached the door I saw feathers, barred feathers. So I race in the coop and counted the birds inside (all of which were fine) and then counted outside and repeated that a few times. Everyone is accounted for and as far as my quick check revealed everyone looks to be looking okay.

But then the fun started, the majority of the birds outside where too freaked out  to want to go in the coop. I got a few of them to go in by going in my self, but the others weren't having it. So after several failed attempts and squawking chickens, I used the rack as a guide and final got them all inside.

Unfortunately this means I will be trapping again. I have no problems with predators going about their business in the woods, but when they mess with my chickens, we have problems.

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