Thursday, June 9, 2011


Conception  By: Kalisha Buckhanon
This is a story of a young black girl who gets knocked-up by the father of the kids she is baby sitting. But the book alternates between what is happening to her and what her unborn fetus (baby, what ever you what to say) has gone through though out history, trying to get born.

Honestly this book gave me the creeps and at the same times made me what to bash my head against the wall! This girl makes stupid mistake, after stupid mistake. You don't have sex as a teen, at the very least, not without protection and not with a married guy! I'm sorry this book screamed anti-abortion, and I don't like other people's opinions shoved in my face. It wasn't will written and just said no abortion and you are never going to get out of the live you where born into.

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