Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Veggie Wiegh-In! #1

I'm a member of the The Easy Garden forum and one of the members has started a weekly weigh-in of what you've grown! 
I didn't weigh my first harvest, but here is a picture:
But today I dug my kitchen scale out (bought a couple of years ago for this purpose)
 and went to the garden and harvested these:
And shelled them to this which weighs (not including the bowl) .2 of a pound , which is why I said I would never grow shelling peas again:
But I found out that Blue podded peas (they look purple to me too) leave your fingers purple:
and here is the inside of a shell:


  1. Thanks for weighing in, Caitlin! Your peas look so yummy! I am sad because the groundhogs ate all of mine. :( Definitely my favorite thing to munch straight from the garden like candy. I'm afraid most of mine wouldn't make it inside to be weighed. ;)

  2. Sorry about your peas! A few of the regular snow peas didn't make it to the first picture ;)

  3. Those are awesome looking pods!! We're not lovers of peas... so I don't think that we would ever grow something like this. How gorgeous!