Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm behind....

First off I have a really good update about Kernel's eyes, but he is currently playing in the run (separate from everyone one else) and I want pictures before I tell you all.

But I will be leaving for vacation on the 12th for about a week, so I'm trying to get everything done this week. Including cleaning the chicken coop out (two wheelbarrow loads down!) and planting the rest of the garden.  But I did something bad this past Friday, I stopped by the farmers market and bought 2 tomato plants. Yes, I know I have to many but their heirlooms with the pretty names of Rose and Pink firefly.  I also bought two iris plants one yellow and the other light violet. The tomato plants where $1 each and the iris $5 each. But I need to get them all planted before vacation.

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