Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kernel's Update

Okay I'm finally getting around to Kernel. So Kernel had his cage moved to the coop to try to add him back to the flock, because it turns out he didn't loss the eye! It was just damage and I'm still not sure if he can see anything out of it. So after about a week of being caged, I let him out at night so they would wake up with him there.

So the next morning, I go out and open the door and most of the flock heads out. No Kernel, so I start looking around the coop his not on the roosts or roosted on the nesting boxes. Finally I glance down and see him with his head under the lowest nesting box (which none of the hens use) . So I pull him out and one of the roosters (I'm guessing here) attacked his good eye and it was swollen shut.

But the eye (as of a few days after the attack) is no longer swollen but not well. He doesn't have much if any sight in either eye. But the originally good eye reacts to light (third eye lid moves, he closes it, etc.) and he is managing and I will give him a chance as long he is trying and eating.

The thought to be gone eye:
  And the damaged by the roosters eye:

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